Creating family pets using simple training and respect. 

At Tamsu we believe in creating a family pet with simplistic training methods your entire family will be comfortable using.  Our positive approach will earn your dogs’ utmost respect and willingness to please.  Using a reward based system (praise, toys or food rewards)  we help you train your dog to be an obedient family pet.  

Maintaining clear criteria for your dog at home and while training are the first steps to developing a well mannered canine partner; who can also be a successful athlete in any of the different dog sports.  At Tamsu Learning Center all of our instructors are pet lovers who, like you, started out with a dog they just wanted to live with.  Many of our instructors have gone on to compete locally or nationally with their canine companions and have reached astonishing levels of accomplishments.   More than all the titles earned or ribbons won,  living with a well balanced family pet, stays true to the top of our priority list.  

We credit our instructors natural abilities to provide warm friendly advice while patiently working with dogs of all breeds and their handlers of all abilities.    On a week to week basis, personalized attention will be given to you by our dedicated team of instructors.  Each session is clearly explained and easy to follow so that you may consistently improve and progress.

We strongly believe that training your dog with black and white criteria will help you earn a colorful career in any journey you wish to explore, whether its as simple as a hassle-free greetingor competing on the world stage carpet in any of the dog sports.

Areas of Practice


These introductory classes will help you develop a courteous family pet, who can be enjoyed by all your visitors, groomer and your veterinarian.


An active sport for dogs to compete in where foundations are taught from an early age. It builds a tremendous bond between dog and owner as they learn basic skills to navigate obsicals on and off the track.  


Seminars are offered at different times to bring in experts who’s specialties are to increase the publics knowledge on different aspect of dog sports. 


Scent is the newest dog sport enjoyed by all dogs using their heightened natural abilities. We train for both personal enjoyment and competition. A fun sport participate in regardless of size or temperment or age.


We offer high quality off site grooming at our remote location at 209 Main Street Schomberg. Cynthia’s Grooming has been a customer favorite for over 15 years. Call her at (905) 939-9191 to book.

Pet sitting

Pet sitting and boarding is offered on a personal scale right here on site by Cynthia Mairs. Our limited space allows for personal attention to make the experience as relaxing as possible for your dog.