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Obedience Classes

Training for you and your dog using Positive Motivational Methods that both your family and your dog will enjoy!



How to prevent and/or deal with the common bothersome behaviors of house training, jumping up, pulling on the leash, coming when called, barking, chewing, digging, and bighting.  You will teach your dog all the basic commands to help create a well-mannered pet who understands a boundary.

Puppy Social

Puppy socialization early in your puppy’s life is critical.  Scientific studies have shown that proper socialization is extremely beneficial to your pup, both now and later in life.  You and your dog will be encouraged to make friends.   This is an opportunity to let your puppy develop their social skills.

NOTE – the play time is done in a controlled manner with some stringent rules.  
This “free time” is NOT given in the Mind Your Manners Classes.



You will set your dog up to decision make when proofing the behaviors you have taught in Level 1. You will continue to teach your dog about behaving in a social atmosphere, when meeting strangers and when prompted with a distraction.  Whether they are shy or extremely friendly, continuation of working together is a necessity in keeping up good work habits.


You and your dog will be encouraged to continue in the friendships you have made during Level 1.  This remains a controlled play session with harder objectives in mind.  The Social Party is not a partof Mind Your Manners Level 2.


Tricks aren’t just for kids!  Tricks help your dog to ‘learn how to learn’. Tricks keep your dog alert and energetic. This is a fun and interactive class that gets everyone laughing.  Many of the Tamsu dogs have appeared in TV shows and Commercials all performing anything from the basic tricks to more advanced behaviours.  Teach your dog several tricks from shake-a –paw to putting on their slippers, you never know, your dog might be the next one needed for roll-call.


Tamsu is pleased to offer Rally Obedience classes for those looking to continue working with their favorite family pet.  There are always avenues for competition and titles, but many people also just enjoy the night out working the different skills with their dog.

Rally Obedience is a fun dog sport, open to all dogs, purebred or mixed breed, pets or titled champions as well as physically challenged dogs and/or handlers.

Rally Obedience goes beyond basic heeling.  The course layout is designed by mixing together obedience maneuvers including: basic commands of sit, down and stand, together with turns, change of pace and traditional heeling .

The Canadian Association of Rally Obedience (CARO) and the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) offer Rally trials where you may compete and earn titles.


For those interested in competing in the CKC Obedience ring.  We offer classes for Novice, Open and Utility.  Once the exercises are learned we will set up run through nights.


Agility classes are always an attraction at the front door.  Seeing dogs jump, go through tunnels, weave and run over the planks is a strong distraction upon entering the school. 

Agility is a sport of strategy and precision.  The better the handling strategy the more precise the dog can be.  It is most definitely a team sport, where you and your dog, will develop a strong working relationship to run the courses at ease together.

Our Agility program is built off of strong foundation skills for both the handler and the dog.  The dog will gain body awareness, confidence in interacting with the equipment and develop play interaction with the handler. The handler will learn how to read the dogs’ path and execute consistent handling maneuvers. The combination sets the pace for a great future of understanding how the courses can be executed.

It’s never too early to start ! – Puppies can start our foundation classes at 12 weeks of age.  Ground work is taught with very low non-impact equipment.

Like all the “dog sports” there is always a center stage of competition.  Some people enjoy the lime light while others simply just enjoy the training aspect.  Many people who start out in agility just wanted to come and  “see if their dog will like it”.  The addiction comes pretty easy when you see your dog having a blast: nonetheless, the competition ring may not be for you, and we welcome your attendance with a “no expectation” attitude. 

Classes are offered both during the day and evenings, in groups, or as private lessons.

For more information contact Sarah Mairs-Heaslip at sarahmairs@hotmail.com


Our flyball classes are built on a strong foundation of play interaction.  These classes should be labeled exercise classes due to the amount of running that is needed.  If you have watched a flyball race, the handler’s job seems very easy…..just let the dog go then call the dog back…..above and beyond these two simplistic steps there is strong appreciation for the muscle memory that has been banked.   Tamsu’s flyball dogs are well known for having great mechanics to run well in the racing lanes, while performing very efficient box turns.

Here is a little history about flyball.

Flyball got its start in the 1970’s when Californian Herbert Wagner developed the first tennis ball launcher. Subsequently, the new sport for dog enthusiasts was introduced in the Toronto – Detroit area by several dog training clubs.

Flyball races match two teams of four dogs each, racing side-by-side over a 51 foot long course. Each dog must run in relay fashion down the jumps, trigger a Flyball box, releasing the ball, retrieve the ball, and return over the jumps. The next dog is released to run the course but can’t cross the start/finish line until the previous dog has returned over all 4 jumps and reached the start/finish line. The first team to have all 4 dogs finish the course without error wins the heat.

Flyball races offer fast paced action with plenty of excitement for dogs, handlers, and especially spectators. Many teams run all 4 dogs through the course in less than 20 seconds while the NAFA® record now approaches 15 seconds. NAFA® tournaments are divided into divisions so that teams compete against other teams of equal abilities. All dogs including mixed breeds are eligible to compete and earn titles in NAFA® sanctioned tournaments. Titles are earned via a point system based on the time it takes a dog’s team to complete each heat race.


Not everyone’s dog can handle the atmosphere of a class situation.  For strong behavioral issues such as aggressive either people or other dogs, we offer private assistance either at the hall or at your house.

These lessons are to be made directly with John Mairs – 905-936-4661.